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Elite Musical

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Elite Musical

Founded in 1988 by our commercial manager Jose Carlos García, who since its inception in 1980, which began with its first store in the City of Redondela with the name of Records and Musical Instruments Garcia, has been careful and concerned about providing its professional and private clients a quality service, and offering the guarantee of a professional after-sales service.

In those years music was not the same as it is today, but ELITE MUSICAL has innovated its services along with technology, and for this reason today we can be proud to have a clientele that supports us both in Spain and in Portugal in each and every one of our actions, in any of the fields and commercial areas that we currently cover, with an area of ​​600 square meters 40 years of experience in the world of music, with official distribution of more than 85 brands and their own technical service, covering guarantees even on products not supplied by the Elite Musical company or by any of the other group companies.

For all this and much more,

MUSICAL ELITE, your best option.

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