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Content Marketing Agency in Vigo, Barcelona and Mallorca

Experts in Content Marketing

Reach your target audience with valuable content adapted to each segment, channel and objective.

Improve your positions in search results

Experts in Content Marketing

Did you know that today we are surrounded by unwanted information? 86% of users avoid advertising, 44% never read promotional emails and 91% have unsubscribed from an email service.

On the other hand, there is content marketing, which is customer-oriented and follows a non-intrusive strategy, based on offering useful and relevant content that adds value to the customer, from the discovery of their need to the final transaction. This marketing approach makes customers begin to trust your company, perceiving it as an expert in its sector.

As a final result of content marketing, customers begin to buy products or services from the company and recommend it to their environment. Therefore, content marketing influences the brand image and business sales.

Our Content Marketing team at B Digital Marketing will help you appear on the first page of Google with your content, leaving all your competitors behind. Contact us to learn more about content marketing and start appearing to your target audience with content that generates customers and promoters of your brand.

There is no better publicity than a satisfied customer.

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Content Marketing Services

Expert agency in Content Marketing

We develop a content strategy and plan based on objectives (attraction, recruitment, retention or loyalty), we adapt it to the audiences and channels, and we execute it with the objective of adding value to your target audience.

Content Strategies

We analyze your competition and your audience to develop content strategies that make you increase organic traffic.

Content Development

No matter what niche your project is in, we provide quality and relevant content strategies and plans for your audience, thanks to our experience that will help you increase your visibility in search engines.

Content Optimization

We love SEO, that’s why we take care of every detail developing not only good content, but also powerful titles and attractive meta descriptions that help you get more visits and traffic to your online site.

Promoción de los Contenidos

We publish and promote the content created to reach your target audience on various channels.

Effort Analytics

We analyze the results obtained thanks to the content marketing strategy and identify improvements to improve future results.

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Content Marketing in Vigo, Barcelona and Mallorca

Why it is important?

Content Marketing

  • It puts the customer and their concerns at the center: the objective is to add value to them in the place where they consume content.

  • It helps us to have a strategic planning through a Content Plan to align the company’s messages by public.

  • Position our content in search engines.

  • It gives us an overview with different types of content (audiovisual, articles, GIFs, memes…) scheduled according to channels and audiences.

  • It helps us adapt our content to channels (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, digital media, blog…) and trends (for example, niche ones like TikTok, Twitch or Houseparty) to reach a new audience.

  • Improve your brand image by generating close relationships with your client.

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If you are looking for an expert content marketing agency with professionals who know how to listen to you and understand your needs, speak clearly to you and in your language, that they keep you informed of everything they are doing for you and that they take your opinion into account without losing sight of the objectives, don’t think twice and contact us.