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SEO, technical and content audit

Online SEO Audit

Discover the failures of your website thanks to our SEO audit

Audit your website and upload positions

Professional SEO audit

Today it is essential for any business to have a good position in order to have more visits, more conversion possibilities and more sales through this channel. No matter what positioning actions you carry out on your website, if it is not healthy, you will not be able to appear on the first page of Google.

That is why the SEO audit is the best tool to discover all the faults of a page, and the most appropriate way to optimize it and make it compete for good search engine positioning.

This service is ideal for determining the status of your online project and discovering why the changes and actions you have made in the past have not taken effect.

Our SEO team at B Digital Marketing will help you appear on the first page of Google, leaving all your competitors behind. Contact us to learn more about the SEO audit and start appearing to your target audience.

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What you will receive from our audit

Fully customized SEO audit

If your website is having difficulty attracting visitors, our audit could reveal where the problem is and help you solve it.< /span>

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

If you want to attract more visits from search, all you have to do is implement the actions that we will indicate in the audit report. We will indicate all the SEO errors that you need to correct to improve your positioning.

Auditoría Técnica

We review the technical section of your website to apply the necessary updates in speed of your website, design and formats.

Content Audit

We check if there is duplication of content and cannibalization that affect your SEO positioning.

Experiencia de Usuario

We analyze how your audience perceives your website through Google Analytics reports and we offer you a vision of the UX state (user experience) to help you find what you need to solve to reach the top search positions.

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