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Capitán Alga

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Capitán Alga

Capitan alga is a company that seeks innovation and the promotion of the use of algae in everyday cooking. Captain alga promotes the use of algae in the home, so that any lover of healthy gastronomy is encouraged to include algae in their recipe book.

The company wants to cover the current needs of its customers without compromising those of future generations, which is why they contribute their grain of sand by caring for the environment of the Rías Baixas. Due to its unique conditions, the Rías Baixas are very rich in marine life.

Capitán alga wants its customers to know exactly what they are eating, that is why they tell everything about each product: nutritional information, ingredients, traceability, characteristics, etc. The company puts itself to the test every day to improve its processes and ensure that it offers its customers a quality and responsible product, which is why the company is certified as a BIO product and with designation of origin.

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